Sunday, August 26, 2007

escape from manhattan... in manhattan!

26May2007-exploring Washington Heights
It will take you just a 45-minute subway ride from midtown (plus a pleasant 10-minute walk through Fort Tryon Park) to get to The Cloisters. It is the uptown branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it is very worth your trip. Perched on the tip of Manhattan, the castle-like museum is comprised of five medieval cloisters imported from France and filled with art and artifacts.

Among the works of arts on display, the most celebrated ones are The Unicorn Tapestries, a group of seven Belgian tapestries depicting the mythological hunt and capture of a unicorn. A must for medieval afficionados! Many visitors come for the building itself: one room recreates a 12th-century chapel and the monastery gardens are breathtaking. The cool, shadowy buildings are ideal for escaping steamy summer days. The views of the Hudson River are spectacular.

And hey, New York Magazine even nominated it as this year "Best Not-Cheap-Feeling All-Day-Long Cheap Date". Read more about it here. And since you are there, print this page from the magazine for more ideas to explore Wahington Heights, the neighborhood where this is located.

I am always stunned to notice that many New Yorkers have no clue this beautiful location even exists. Any best kept secret in your area?


Olivier said...

The 'Cloister' un bout de France dans NYC. On a une vue magnifique et j'aime bien prendre un café dans une des cours interieurs. On est vraiment en dehors du 21eme siecle dans ce cloitre. et puis cela fait une belle ballade, si je me souviens bien on passe par le Harlem espagnol pour y arriver.

Blue Wave 707 said...

That looks like a good place for quiet time.

Radman said...

i have been to the cloisters twice. it is a wonderful serene place in the middle of manhattan. i am sure that if i live in nyc, i would visit there at least once a quarter just to chill.

Ming_the_Merciless said...

Hmm! You should try the Greek restaurants in Astoria. They have some of the best grilled seafood ever.

• Eliane • said...

•olivier: oui, beaucoup de belles choses de France. Mais aussi d'ailleurs. Mon tour d'être chauvine: les Tapisseries de la Licorne à elles seules valent le voyage, aux dires des férus d'art médiéval. :P
•blue wave: I highly recommend it. Such a surprising break from the city. And still in the city!
•radman: it is a fabulous peaceful oasis. Gorgeous views of the river. The park is very nice too.
•ming: I have, I have! I love them! Perfectly grilled fish, yum!!!!