Saturday, October 20, 2007

heads are rolling

[click on picture to enlarge - taken via iPhone]

Flea markets are dangerous places where body parts are easily available. I took you there last weekend and found a forearm, remember? Today, two little heads. Cute and decorative I must say. The little one on the left seems to wonder what it did to deserve this. While I wished the one on the right would stop staring at me like that.

If you're going for a wilder decoration look, what about something like this to welcome your guests as they enter your appartment?


Ming the Merciless said...

Poor dollies! They lost their bodies and what's left are the heads.

photolicious said...

Oh dear you are posting far too fast for me to post comments...hahaa! And actually, I have also been busy packing my backpack for the Europe vacaction so yeah, je suis tres occupe!

But I still managed to update my blog, do have a look if you are free!

And speaking of flea markets, I think I'm going to one in Paris to have a look, I think it's La Marche aux Puces de Saint Ouen?

The Strange Republic

lv2scpbk said...

Those heads like that could be scary for a little child.

Moi said...

if i see doll heads like those i am invariably reminded of the movie "Child's play" ..

Curly said...

What an interesting composition Eliane, perhaps a good imagination could think of a film script for this.


South Shields Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

one city - one day - many pictures ? ;-P

Lynette said...

Thanks for these flea market posts, Eliane. I thoroughly enjoy looking along with you. It helps satisfy my urge to look, an urge completely foreign to my mother.

About your comments at my blog, I was so lucky with view from Mama's bedroom, thanks for reading my lengthy random facts, and I'm glad you liked the two shots on and around West Burnside from Tuesday.

Clueless in boston said...

Clever picture. It looks like the smaller head is looking in horror at the pins in the box and fearing what might be done with them. Be careful, be very careful:)

don said...

Eliane. . .I'm it, and I'm tagging you. For more information on how to play, go to

Steve Buser said...

Eliane - this is the kind of place I could get lost in for days. I would want to buy it all.

Thanks for the kind words on my blog
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

• Eliane • said...

•ming: I know. How cruel, eh?
•photolicious: all you have to worry is to make sure you take your toothbrush with you. Blog comments can wait! :)
•lv2scpbk: yeps indeed - I can hardly take it. ;)
•moi: I have not seen this movie but it sounds like one of those where you better check that all doors are safely closed before! ;)
•curly: oh wow, you see a whole film into this? That's ambitious! ;)
•anonymous: touch√© - I am bending the rules a little
•lynette: anytime dear. I love those places. And just drag Mamma there, she might love it if you show her what you see.
•clueless: you are right! It's the pins!!! You have a good eye. ;)
•don: oh no!! What did I do? ;) I'll head your way to see what's cooking.
•steve: I hear you - when I am in that kind of place, I forget what time it is. It just flies.

• Eliane • said...
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Monika N. said...

Ha! The head to the left cracks me up. Love flea markets.

Gwen said...

I like the way you framed this photo, its charming.